Plastic scrapers


Biological wastewater treatment plants are presented with a recurring pattern, which provides at least three phases of treatment: primary treatments, of which the primary sedimentation, biological treatment and secondary sedimentation are part of. Sludge scrapers are used for the removal of decanted solids in sedimentation tanks.

The chain sludge scrapers offered by MITA Biorulli were designed for the installation in a rectangular tank. By choosing non-metallic materials for the construction of the main components, our machines are corrosion proof.

Actions to control or repair corrosion damage are among the most frequent and costly needs for performing maintenance. The service life of the scraper is limited by these problems, which are evident mostly on traction and scraping systems.

In terms of process, the chain scraper allows for a steady decanted sludge removal without any accumulations. Furthermore, the scraper is more efficient for the removal of floating sludge.

The chain scrapers are made of plastic and are offered either for newly built plants or for the renewal of existing installations. They are used for: