The plastic chain scraper system is designed to be installed in rectangular settling tanks. The choice of this solution has many advantages:

  • durability, lightness and self-lubricating
  • minimum energy requirements
  • easy installation even in existing tanks for the replacement of obsolete systems or deteriorated by corrosion

The chain scrapers carry out both the additional function of surface drains for the removal of any supernatant substances.

The main components are made with non-metallic materials making them corrosion resistant. The chain links are made of reinforced polyester resin, a highly resistant material, the shafts and scraping bars are made of fiberglass, whereas the gears are made of Cast Nylon-6
The service life of this type of scraper is much longer with an extremely low maintenance.


A – Shaft

  • The idler pinion is made of Cast Nylon-6, with a self-lubricating bearing in PE and shaft in stainless steel

B – Chain NCS-720-S

  • Chain with 6" pitch in polyester resin + fiberglass
  • Fiberglass scraper blades
  • Coupling element to chain in stainless steel
  • Scraping pads in Cast Nylon-6

C – Fiberglass wall-mounted rail

  • Track wear in PE with high molecular weight, low friction and self lubricating
  • Wall holding bracket in stainless steel

D – Drive shaft non-metallic

  • Telescopic shaft in fiberglass with bi-axial winding supported by truncated pins in stainless steel and held in place by non-metallic collars and interconnection keys.

E – Control crown gear

  • Toothed gear transmission in Cast Nylon-6 for chain drive NH-78
  • Sprocket wheels in Cast Nylon-6 for conveyor chain NCS-720-S mounted on the telescopic drive shaft

F –Toothed pinion

  • Toothed pinion in Cast Nylon-6 for NH-78 chain drive mounted on Cast Nylon-6 hub and complete with safety shear pin

G – Scraper blades

Scraper blades in fiberglass, type:

  • "Standard" type: width = 8 m
  • “Ultra”: width = 12 m