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rotating biological contactorsMITA Biorulli has been officially operating since 2001, but its origins go back to 1973 when, organized as a division of M.I.T.A. S.r.l., a leading company in the sector of evaporative cooling since 1960, started to manufacture rotating biological contactors for civil and industrial waste water treatment, subsequently becoming well-known with the biorulli® trademark.

Strengthened by our long experience acquired in the field and the supply of almost 2.000 machines, in the last few years we have considerably extended our product range with the addition of lamella clarifiers and oil separators, flotation systems (daf), continuous sand filters and fill material for trickling filters.

Since the end of 2008, thanks to the acquisition of Simeco S.r.l. (formerly Mecana Italia S.r.l.), we are able to propose also cloth filters (both disks or drum system) for tertiary or secondary treatments, micro bubbles air diffusors, plastic scrapers for rectangular settling tanks and compact plants (biodisk together with cloth filter) for small communities, making its offers of machinery for the waters treatment even wider.

We are constantly engaged in the development of new products and in the ongoing improvement of existing machinery. For our research and development activities we make use of pilot plants and specially prepared calculation software.

Our primary goal is the complete satisfaction of our customers based upon: