Envicon air diffusers


The active sludge biological treatment to this day is the most diffused process in civil and industrial wastewater treatments.
In these plants, the microorganisms contained in biological sludge require to be adequately oxygenated and maintained in suspension. In this way they are placed in a condition to effectively degrade the organic matter and convert compounds such as nitrogen and phosphorus. This is done by using disc or tube micro-bubble air diffusers with a micro perforated membrane on most of its surface.
These membranes are used for both continuous or intermittent aerations.

The diffusers are installed with even distribution on special nets, placed at the bottom of the treatment tanks.
The air supplied by a blower system is distributed inside the net to each diffuser therefore inflating the membranes and opening the passages consisting of small holes. The air spreads evenly throughout the mass of water and sludge in the form of fine bubbles.
This allows the transfer of oxygen to the biomass with the best possible efficiency.

The envicon air diffusers offered by MITA Biorulli are represented by their high construction and performance qualities. Furthermore, they allow to build targeted installations for each type of construction.