Dissolved air flotation systems


dissolved air flotation systems

mitadaf is an innovative dissolved air flotation system. Its exceptional solid/liquid separation and/or sludge thickening efficiency is the result of the combined system of uniform hydrodynamics and filtration with a bed of micro air-bubbles: an equipment of new concept developed by MITA Biorulli. The heart of the mitadaf system is the multifunctional central column, by means of which the raw sewage is introduced into the tank, the clarified effluent water is recovered and the sludge exits. The raw influent water, suitably saturated with air, is introduced into the flotation tank via a series of holes located in the lower part of the central column. The entering mix, propelled by the micro-bubbles of air, immediately reaches the surface, homogeneously distributed across the whole flotation area (uniform hydrodynamic system). The rapid rise encourages the sludge accumulation on the surface, from where they are continuously removed, without disturbing the sludge blanket, by a special radial collector-arm. Simultaneously the clarified effluent water, in order to reach the exit slots located at the base of the central column, is obliged to pass through a filtration bed of micro air-bubbles, which captures all residual flocculant material. In this way a considerably higher separation efficiency than that of other flotation systems is obtained.

mitasat, the heart of the dissolved air flotation process, generates the micro-bubbles of air which act as a vehicle for the separation of the suspended solids. It is a new exclusive system, which does not need any maintenance: the internal components do not risk breakage or blockage. Its high efficiency in dissolving air is greater than that of any other systems currently in use. mitasat is able to improve the performance of existing flotation installations which employ other types of micro-bubble generators (of low efficiency). Entirely manufactured in AISI 316, it is tested in our factory and certified in compliance with the actual norms concerning gas pressure vessels. Thanks to its operating features and high efficiency, mitasat also constitutes an optimum solution for oxygen transfer in biological activated sludge plants.